Sorry for the big lack of updates. We’ve been a bit busy with work and stuff. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up, and get this game going again!

Well, I don’t know how to say this but… There’s been a terrible accident. Actually, it’s more intentional. The fireworks for Wishes all set off at angles so as to land in Fantasyland. There’s been minor damage to the surrounding buildings, and some major damage to the Storybook Circus area being built for New Fantasyland. Enough that we’ll have to prolong the opening to some time in September next year, at the earliest. But that’s not the worst of it. A certain someone has been fatally injured in this explosion. The fireworks all seemed to be aimed in one direction, and Mickey Mouse didn’t survive… This is definitely a murder case, and the barrier trapping us inside has to be connected. After a discussion with Merlin and Yensid, we’ve found out that this barrier has been created with the use of some very dark magic, and can’t be reversed with their own magic. However, what they can do is cast a spell over the area so that whenever this person uses this magic at any point, we’ll know. For now, we suggest that you stay in groups. Don’t leave anyway by yourself, and be on the look-out for anything. If you find anything suspicious, please inform us as soon as you can.

There appears to have been an accident in Fantasyland, so the area is going to be closed for the morning while we investigate. Sorry for any inconvenience involved.

I’m sorry, but we’re not really sure what’s going on. There seems to be a barrier surrounding the entire Walt Disney World resort. Nobody’s coming in, and nobody’s getting out. We assure you that we’re not the cause of it. We’re not that desperate to keep our guests on property! We’re working with our local wizards to try and rectify this problem, so just be patient.

We hope you’re enjoying your stay in Walt Disney World. We’re hearing some strange complaints about not being able to leave the resort. Please be aware that we are investigating this issue, and hope to resolve it soon, so please be patient and have a magical day!

Tick Tock…Tick Tock…(Tick Tock Croc)

(The croc swam throughout the rivers of The Jungle Cruise, deciding to crawl on shore next to the animatronic Ginger, waiting patiently for the next boat to float by.  It was about time for his next meal, he imagined…although he would prefer Captain to anyone else and didn’t particularly want to cause trouble)


Just a reminder to let you know that we are starting the game tomorrow, so get ready for mayhem! If you’ve signed up already, make sure you’ve received an invite to the group, and that you’ve made a bog for your character to play on (this isn’t a requirement, but it’s strongly suggested you do so). If you haven’t already signed up, what are you waiting for? Go check our character list to see who hasn’t already been taken, and send us a message with who you want to be! There will be an official announcement sometime tomorrow welcoming guests to the parks, but until then, get ready for our first murder mystery in Walt Disney World!

Start date

Now that we have enough players, we’re ready to start. But to make sure people are around for the beginning, and to give any stragglers a chance to join, we’re going to wait until the weekend. Saturday will be the most likely day we’ll start. However, depending on a range of things I won’t go into detail with, this could be delayed until Sunday. This also gives you time to start roleplaying on your respective character blogs. We’ll have an introduction for the game when we officially start, but we’re currently assuming everyone is already in the theme parks.

Please remember that this blog will be rather post heavy, and would probably clog up your dashboard, so it’s highly recommended you make a blog for your character if you haven’t already. We’re also asking you send us your email addresses (or alternative) so we can send a invite for you to join the group. 

There’s still plenty of characters to choose from if you haven’t already done so. Just check our character list to see who’s already taken.

Getting Closer…

We are very close to starting our first murder mystery!

If you’re already a member - can you please send us an email address so we can give you an invite to the group?  If you’re not comfortable giving that out, let us know, and we’ll send you a link another way.

Also - check out our character list! Make character blogs!  Ask your friends to join! Watch out for murderers! 

Check back here for an update shortly.

If you’re not a member - what are you waiting for? Come join us!  There are still a lot of great characters available.

Be sure to bring your death certificate…if you decide to join us…make final arrangements now.

Hey Guys-

Just a reminder - once we get started…

this will probably flood your dash. It is highly recommended (although not necessary) for you to create a specific in-character blog.  Please let us know if you make one so we can link it on the characters page.

In other news, we will be getting started when we have just a few more people. Thanks for being so patient.